* Corresponding fee applies to some activities

Cape Santiago Lighthouse

Standing steadfast on the Batangas shores is a fully functioning historic lighthouse built on December 15, 1890. Arrange a tour that will allow you access to the lighthouse grounds as well as the breathtaking views atop the lighthouse itself.

Beach Day Trip

The Calatagan peninsula boasts many beaches that are a hop away from Puesto del Sol. Closest one is only 5 to 7 minutes away by car. Relax and enjoy the pristine waters of the Philippine West Sea and frolic around the gorgeous shores for the day. (beach entrance fee is Php100/pax)


Ride your worries away!! Rent out All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and have loads of fast-paced adrenalin filled fun on the many dirt roads and trails around the stunning Calatagan countryside.

Mountain Bike Trails

Riding around the outdoors of the Calatagan hills is the perfect experience for biking enthusiasts. Put the pedal to metal and discover new trails and dirt tracks around magic Calatagan.

Mangrove Tour

Locals will take you on a guided tour around Ang Pulo, Calatagan’s Mangrove Forrest. Which is an unhinhabited 7.5 hectare islet winding around the coast of Calatagan.

Museum Tour

Visit Museo Enrique Zobel and meander around exhibitions that present the life and legacy of Enrique Zobel as well as Calatagan’s local history and artifacts.


Venture out on the gentle waters that surround the Calatagan peninsula. Take in the sights of Calatagan from a whole new perspective of this gorgeous area while getting a work out as you row the day away.


Hold your breath for a while and dive a little or just swim around and enjoy the marvelous underwater adventure provided by the reefs that surround the Calatagan coast.

Bird Watching

Immerse yourself in counting the many species of birdlife that inhabit the Calatagan peninsula. Or just take simple joy from spotting a Kingfisher, a Crane or any other of a plethora of nature’s flyers that will move the avid watcher’s soul.

Banca Ride

Jump on a traditional Philippine banca and pursue pleasure as it takes you to the many beaches that abound around Calatagan. Or extend your jaunt and take a cruise over to other Batangas destinations further down the coast.


Indulge your extreme nature by taking a ride around the Calatagan wakeboard park at Lago de Oro. Hone your wakeboarding skills as you take on this exciting new sport.

Scuba Diving

Your choice of Intro Dive for first timers or Fun Dive for certified divers.

Stand-Up Paddle Board

Stand up paddle boards (SUP) offer a fun, relaxing way to play on the water.

Water Park

Enjoy a day in Aquaria Water Park for an exciting tropical getaway and fantastic water fun.

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